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Applying to las vegas business school can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help you! Find out where to go in las vegas nevada for a top 10 MBA program only and learn more about MBA admissions requirements. To assist you with finding a suitable MBA program matching your needs we’ve created skoolix-Search which takes both your preferences and your competitiveness into account. Give it a try!

Las Vegas MBA Admission Requirements

GMAT vs. GPA – Getting into a top MBA with a low GMAT or GPA?
Work Experience – What is the minimum needed?
Extracurricular Activities – Differentiate yourself from the competition!
When to apply – Which round is best?
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MBA Leadership
MBA programs look for nice future leaders. It’s not an MBA admission requirement though that you have to command a horde of people at work. Leadership can be demonstrated in countless ways. As an example, found a club at work, take an initiative to improve a process, or make recommendations that saved the project. Leadership of course is not limited to your work setting only; extracurricular activities also provide ample opportunities. So you don’t have to be a platoon leader to demonstrate leadership – just take initiative and following through with ideas.

Find the right MBA
Our skoolix search tool was developed to narrow down the MBA programs for you to consider.

However, it will not replace other more valuable resources to find the right MBA for you. One of the best ways to find out if a business school really clicks with you is to go visit the place. You will want to attend an information session, go to a lunch with current students, or sign up for a class visit. If the MBA program you want to check out is too far from where you live, then go to their website and see if they will host an information session in your area. Or go to our Useful Links page to find an MBA fair where your business school is participating. Another valuable source of information are alumni. Note that some MBA programs ask you in their application what you have done to find out more about them (e.g. Haas). So if you live in the same country as your favorite business school then visiting their campus is almost a must.

Tip: Since some applications ask where and when you attended an event, you might want to record those logistics. Also, collect business cards or write down the names of any admissions officers, professors, current students, or alumni you talked to. Take good notes of any relevant information you obtain from conversations with these people (also take good notes during information sessions). This will allow you to better answer the “Why MBA program XYZ” essay question.

When to Apply
The best time to apply is in round 1 or 2 at any local las vegas facility. Some MBA programs say that their acceptance rate is slightly higher in round 1. It’s more important though to apply when you feel you can present your best application. So if that means you’ll miss the round 1 deadline then go ahead and aim for round 2. Keep in mind that applying early gives you a better chance at being unique. For example, in round 1 you might only be the 10th accountant that has applied so far. If you apply in round 3 you might only provoke a yawn because there were 100 accountants with the same background who applied before you. Also, there are obviously more spots open in rounds 1 and 2 (always avoid round 3). In some years there are only very few spots open in round 3, making it more difficult to snatch one. Business schools often use round 3 to shape the class and to ensure diversity.

The situation of the economy also plays a role when you apply. The general rule is: The better the economy, the better your chances and vice versa. When the economy tanks, people are laid off or get scared, hence more people apply. Check these stats below looking at the correlation of real GPD growth (US) and Harvard’s historic acceptance rates with its class size remaining about the same since 2000 (Note: The year is the time you would start applying (e.g. in fall 2006 for the class of 2009 – which had an acceptance rate of 14%)):

How many MBA programs to apply
That really depends on how desperate you are about getting your MBA at this point. If you definitely want to start your MBA in the year you’re targeting then make sure to apply to 1 or 2 safety programs. Include as many realistic and stretch programs as you wish as long as you are passionate about the possibility of attending them (btw, always apply to at least 1 realistic and 1 stretch program – you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities!). The typical applicant will apply to 4-6 MBA programs, in tough years (such as the class of 2011) maybe even to 5-7 MBA programs. Some will only apply to 2-3 stretch programs because otherwise it is not worth leaving their current job and the opportunities presented there. It just depends on your situation.

Keep in mind, however, that each additional MBA application will obviously require additional time. A rough ballpark figure would be 20-40 hours for the first application, depending on how easy it is for you to write essays and how soon it reaches our las vegas, nevada office. Each additional application will take much less time because you can copy/paste some parts of the essays. Try to limit the copy/pasting though (because the adcoms will tell how much effort you put into your application) but this will come natural as you do your research on each program and have different things to write about. Similarly, remember that each business school will also want to see that you demonstrated particular interest in their MBA program. This means additional time for campus visits, information sessions, research, etc. Lastly, don’t forget your recommenders! Even though some of the recommender questions are similar, they will have to write a different recommendation for each business school. Recommenders then might also just start copy/pasting the more recommendations they have to write (which the adcoms will again notice).

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